From the desk of Veteran Billy Scott

I am thinking about the future leadership in the City of Aurora. It will be important to the Economic growth of Aurora when you vote.

As a combat veteran from the 101st Airborne Division, and who healed at Fitzsimons Army Hospital in 1969, the one leader for my best interest and the advocate for all veterans is; Councilwoman Sally Mounier.

Councilwoman Mounier, has been a fighter for Veterans and will continue work for the Economic Development for all Aurora families, and that is not easy and not ever y elected official is really willing to commit to better jobs and better Health for Veterans. Sally Mounier has been committed and loyal to this effort for over 42 Years.

I am supporting Sally Mounier and I hope you do the same. By voting for Sally Mounier you will be voting for us all.

Bless you,
Billy Scott, U.S. Army Veteran, 1967- 1970

About Sally Mounier

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Sally Mounier


  • To serve the citizens of Ward I with honor and to the best of my ability.

Sally has been a resident of Aurora for nearly 42 years, was a single mother of four children, now a grandmother of twelve! She has been an active member of this part of Aurora for 18 years.
She understands that working hard on the issues that matter to families is what makes our community stronger, safer and more stable. Sally will work for you!


  • Council Member, Ward I, City of Aurora     2012 – Present
  • Current Policy Committee Assignments
  • Chair, Housing, Neighborhood Service and Redevelopment Policy Committee
  • Member, Public Relations, Communications, Tourism, Libraries and Citizen Groups Policy Committee
  • Member, Federal, State and Intergovernmental Relations Policy Committee
  • Secretary/Treasurer of the Fitzsimons Redevelopment Authority
  • Member of the Lowry Redevelopment Authority
  • Member of the Member of the Del Mar Neighbors United and North Aurora Neighborhood Association
  • Member of Community Campus Partnership since November 2012.\
  • Chair and Co-Founder of the Live Where You Work Foundation, a 501 c 3, whose Mission Statement reads to increase the homeownership in Urban Aurora.
  • Honorary Board Member of the business league, FaxAurora.
  • Member, Aurora’s Citizens Advisory Budget Committee – 2010 – 2012, providing valuable input and recommendations to Council
    • Chair, Public Safety Sub-Committee, CABC, 2011
    • Member, Keep Our Libraries Open Sub-Committee, CABC, 2011
    • Member, Business Friendly City Sub-Committee, CABC, 2011
  • Block Captain, Neighborhood Watch Program, 2004 to present, awarded the Certificate of Appreciation in 2010. During this time, Block Captain participation increased from 38 to 68 and attendance at meetings increased from 10-12 citizens to 40-50.
  • Past President of Residential Services. Mission was to provide group homes for the developmentally disabled in residential neighborhoods. Succeeded in getting federal grant money resulting in three group homes being established, one of which is in Aurora.
  • Spent a lifetime in autodidacticism seeking instruction and guidance from mentors, experts, friends, teachers and community.
  • Resident of Aurora since 1974, 42 years. Resident of Ward I since 1998, 18 years.


    Council Member, Ward I, City of Aurora 2012-Present

    RE/MAX Southeast, Inc., Denver, Colorado     1993 – 2013
  • Began as Customer Service Specialist, promoted to Office Manager, promoted to Career Development, specializing in recruitment and retention of our agents keeping the office in sound financial position and increasing the bottom line. Position requires knowledge of the real estate industry, the office and its systems, and the ability to relate our business model, our values and our position in the industry to recruits.

  • Independent Contractor     1985 - 1992
  • Provided a variety of campaign services to local, state and federal candidates for elective office. Authored three “How To” manuals; Scheduling, Precinct Handbook, Yard Sign Program.

  • US Small Business Administration, Region VII     1980 – 1984
  • Appointed by the Reagan Administration to this regional position as Special Assistant to the Regional Administrator. Served as an advocate for the small business community. Special emphasis during this time given to minority and Tribal owned small business covering finance, technical training and capital investment. Our administration returned SBA appropriated funds to the US Treasury each year.

  • The Honorable William L. Armstrong, Jr. / The Honorable Ken Kramer     1974 - 1980
  • Employed originally at KOSI Radio Station located on Elmira Street in Ward I, promoted as Congressional Staff Assistant to Congressman Armstrong. Responsible for providing constituent services for citizens having difficulty with governmental agencies. Subsequent to his election to the US Senate, from 1979-1980, served as Congressional Staff Assistant to The Honorable Ken Kramer representing the Congressman locally and in Washington D.C. regarding issues related to the bankruptcy of the Rock Island Railroad. During these years, this congressional district included most of Ward I.

Sally Mounier represents Aurora’s Ward I

  • A daughter who cared for her father in her home when he could no longer live independently.
  • A Mother of four grown children.
  • A Grandmother of twelve beautiful grandchildren.
  • Aurora resident 42 years
  • Secretary/Treasurer - Fitzsimmons Redevelopment Authority
  • Co-Founder and Chair of the Live Where You Work Foundation
  • Honorary Board Member of FaxAurora
  • Anshutz Community Campus Partnership
  • Aurora Senior Hub
  • Member of Del Mar and North Aurora Neighborhood Associations.
  • Sally Mounier building a strong vibrant Aurora.