Sally Mounier building a strong vibrant Aurora.

She has the experience, know how, passion and energy to work for you at City Hall.

Economic Development
Speaking out for business and job growth in all of Ward I. Advancing the
Fitzsimons area, Stanley Marketplace, Colfax Corridor, and Fox Aurora.
Promoting Original Aurora’s Cultural Arts District. Providing leadership
and ideas for the future of Ward I.

Public Safety
Ensuring fuinding and training for Police, Fire and Dispatch
“My number ONE budget priority is reducing crime on Colfax!”

Aurora Sentinel, June 6, 2013

Community Spirit
Bringing us together as neighbors through community gardens and local events.
Successful in securing the funding for the renovation and expansion of our
Moorhead Recreation Center. Upholding our community gardens and providing
for an Immigrant Center for immigrants acclimation to our community.

Roads and Transportation
Ensuring well maintained infrastructure and strong support for
Light Rail and bus service for Ward I. Standing up for the bus
and light rail service. Increasing maintenance of north Aurora Streets


Sally Mounier's promise to Aurora:
Safe, stable neighborhoods
where people can
Live, Work and Play

“My number one priority is to work on reducing crime by 10% in our community” We all want to feel safe in our homes, and know that our children are protected. We will partner with the Medical Campus at Fitzsimons to reach out and into the neighborhoods.

Sally’s goal is to encourage new businesses in Ward I. She wants to help small business thrive and create jobs so that a variety of employment is close to our homes for our families.

Moorehead Recreation Center will be renovated and expanded to fully serve the needs of the surrounding residents! Our parks must be safe, family friendly and well maintained. Sally is working to expand opportunities in the Cultural Arts District .



Any questions, please feel free to contact me at 303.625.3648